Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

2014 Mount A Thon

August 22, 2014 - August 24, 2014

Hotel & Banquet Information

Royce Larson's Shop
State Hwy 70
Pine City, MN 55063

Event Schedule (Friday, August 22 - Sunday, August 24)

Friday, August 22

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Saturday, August 23

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Sunday, August 24

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Competition Information

Categories & Divisions

MastersProfessionalNoviceJr NoviceCommercialOpen
Arts, Crafts and Antler reproduction
Fish Reproduction
Lg Mammal Gameheads
Lg Mammals
Lg Waterfowl
One Sided Fish
Pedistal Fish
Reproductions Misc
Sm Mammal Gamehead
Sm Mammals
Sm Waterfowl
Upland Birds
Whitetail Deer Head

Division Definitions

*Anyone who has won two Professional Best of Categories MUST move to the Masters division in that category.

Masters For the Advanced taxidermist. Highest level of excellence expected. This category is for the taxidermist who wishes to compete at the most technically correct, artistically oriented and creative level. A very technical critique will be given.
Professional For the Professional, commercial taxidermist. Mounts entered in this division should be technically correct, mechanically sound and exhibit the craftsmanship of a professional taxidermist. A very detailed critique will be given.
Novice For the beginning taxidermist. Entries in this division should be for those starting out or for someone venturing into a new category. The emphasis will be on learning and improvement. A very basic critique will be given.
Jr Novice For the beginning taxidermist (same as Novice) except this division is for 17 and under. A very BASIC critique will be given.
Commercial This division will generally be your "customer" mounts. Entries will be judged from 10ft and no touching or flashlights can be used from the Judge. A score and a few comments will be given on score sheet, no critiques will be given in this category. There is a $5.00 entry fee for this Division that you need to add to your Registration.
Open The category for the open division is the Collective Artist. The Open division is a combination of Jr. Novice, Novice, Professional, and Masters. Due to lack of participation this division will be judged according to what is entered.

Competition Rules

Rules have not been defined yet

Competition Awards

Registration Information

All pre-registation & entries must be postmarked by August 30, 2014 and must include full payment


Pre-Registration Timeframe

August 29, 2014 - August 30, 2014


Pre-Registration At Show
Yearly Membership (If not already a member) $40 / competitor $40 / competitor
Convention Registration $0 / competitor (Online)


$0 / competitor (Mail-In)
$0 / competitor
Masters (Regular) $0 / entry $0 / entry
Professional (Regular) $0 / entry $0 / entry
Novice (Regular) $0 / entry $0 / entry
Jr Novice (Regular) $0 / entry $0 / entry
Commercial (Specialty) $0 / entry $0 / entry
Open (Specialty) $0 / entry $0 / entry
Award Fees $0 / entry $0 / entry
Awards Banquet Ticket - Adult $0 / adult n/a
Awards Banquet Ticket - Children (4-12) $0 / child n/a

No banquet tickets available at the door - they must be pre-registered for. Children under 4 eat free.

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